Tribute to Bob Short


  • I would like to take a moment,
  • Pay a tribute to a man,
  • Although my words may not do justice,
  • I doubt if anyone can.


  • When I heard about his passing,
  • We were saddened to the core,
  • But I’d guessed that rugby game in heaven,
  • Needed Bob a little more.
  • You see Bob was a “Hills Angel”
  • Dedicated to the cause,
  • Never had he wavered,
  • Nor did he want applause.


  • He stacked the fridge at Yattenden,
  • Swept the changeroom floor,
  • He painted, cleaned , repaired,
  • No one could ask for more.


  • But his passion for the game itself,
  • This could not be denied,
  • He gave his support to Jimmy,
  • Who rebirthed our seniors side.


  • This year Bob saw Terry,
  • Join a pretty special crowd,
  • A crowd of only seven men,
  • I’ll bet you he was proud.


  • Shawn Howell, Cashew , Clarkey
  • Richo , Bertram , Puff.
  • 200 games for Terry Short,
  • He’s made of the right stuff.


  • Bob’s selflessness stood timeless,
  • He encouraged, gave support,
  • A life member and a champion,
  • The Hills Angel, Robert Short.

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